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Sustainable interest-free returns powered by cash flows of hard assets.


At Umma, we believe that the traditional debt-based financial system is perverse, unjust, and socially destructive. Our mission is to democratize access to fair, transparent, and sustainable interest-free financial products for people across the globe. We are building a values-aligned community organized around the shared mission of creating an interest-free network state.

We believe in adopting Islamic finance principles that promote risk-sharing, increased transparency, and place reliance on real assets

We believe in decentralized finance’s potential to make the financial system cheaper, faster, more innovative, and more inclusive, particularly in emerging markets where capital is so much needed

We believe in building risk-sharing financial institutions on a sound money standard, such as bitcoin

Inflation-resistant asset-backed yield opportunities

Invest in previously exclusive deals in emerging markets alongside seasoned investment funds.

By funding businesses operating in those markets, you can not only participate in interest-free profit sharing, but also make a difference!

Сompound/Aave money market
10-year US Treasuries
S&P Global High Yield Sukuk Index
Financing energy/bitcoin mining/fintech projects through Umma
  • Interest-based
  • Based on the historical performance of the transaction pipeline

*all figures are as of August 2023

How Umma works
Invest BTC & stablecoins and receive yield based on profit sharing structure
Bridges investors seeking yield and pool managers by conducting due diligence on the managers and ensuring a fit with Umma's values
Pool Managers
Fund managers and companies, operating in an interest-free way, with a verifiable track record and reputation
Eventually, money lands in hands of under-banked people and businesses that need it the most

Our roadmap

Reforming the existing financial system is very difficult. Creating a new financial system seems even harder. Many people think that it’s impossible. But for those that believe in the mission, like us, there is a moral imperative to contribute towards building a value-based financial system based on shared faith and belief in interest-free money.

How do we achieve that?

Q1 2023

Global digital community of people interested in building an interest-free society

Q3 2023

A platform that offers investors sustainable inflation-resistant & interest-free returns backed by cash flows of hard assets

2024 -

One-stop shop for interest-free finance enabling people with access to bitcoin, stablecoins, and interest-free yield

2026 -

Interest-free network state based on sound money standard